Family Photos at Joshua Tree

Our kind friend Lukas offered to do a family shoot for us, and if photographs could capture the character and personality of a family, then he did a wonderful job bringing out the best of ours. I say “the best of ours” because God knows that we don’t look this calm and joyful each day….

Collab with Case App + 3 Things

*Both phone cases were provided by Case App, but all opinions are my own.* Partnering up with Case App and having the opportunity to host my first Instagram giveaway with them has been a pretty ~neat~ part of my Summer! Case App reached out and was kind enough to gave me a chance to check…

Breaking Walls

I keep a stash of some of my go-to recipes in a kitchen drawer beneath all my cutting boards. My favorite thing about them is that they’re handwritten and a bit unorganized. As I rummaged through the loose notepad papers, I noticed one I didn’t write. One glance, and I knew that the handwriting belonged…

Overcoming my Depressive Symptoms

Originally, this post was going to be a light one where I would mention tidbits of my self-love journey and personal style. But as I began writing, I felt compelled to share about my struggle with self-acceptance and dealing with depressive symptoms. I beat around the bush about it in previous posts, but this time…

Mango Sticky Rice Recipe + Baked Version

One of my favorite desserts is mango sticky rice! Sometimes referred to as Thai-coconut mango sticky rice or Thai sweet rice with mango, it’s all the same concept and delicious. This traditional Thai dessert reminds me of the summer because that’s when my aunt would come home with an entire box of sweet champagne mangoes….