Home Sweet Home in LA

(I bought these succulents for a great deal at a farmer’s market while I was there. Too cute to pass up!)

Noah had the time of his life. It was probably the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He would go to bed at midnight because he was so busy having fun with everyone and I didn’t mind. He was rolling in all the attention.
Meanwhile, I got 10 days of not having to worry about what’s for lunch, or what to cook for dinner, that there’s laundry to do, and rooms to be vaccuumed. It was so sweet. And even sweeter to be surrounded by the aunts, uncles, and cousins I grew up with when my family and I used to live in this city.

I really try to be tough most times. But that’s all external and it can be deceiving, especially to myself. I don’t like admitting that I need people or that I need company. That’s probably my pride speaking. Yet I would be lying if I said that having the company of family and friends didn’t help a lot. God knew exactly what He was doing when He set San Diego as our first duty station because it’s only 2 hours away from my hometown, LA. He knows me better than I know myself, as always. He knew that with Jarrod’s first orders being sea duty, I would need some help getting by his first absence. And that help came in the form of love and access to my family. I was raised family-oriented, so this means a lot to me as well as to how I’m raising Noah.

Here is a list of this trip’s highlights that I wanted to share with you guys (and I like to hoard good memories so here’s one way to do it):

  • Getting to ride the train! Noah was so, so thrilled about this. He’s really into vehicles. We were fortunate enough to sit in business class and I was really thankful for that because the coach seemed so congested and tight that day. Noah had all the room his active self needed and it only took an hour and a half to make it to our destination.
  • My grandma took me for a walk down memory lane by visiting the house and neighborhood I grew up in. I saw the path my sister and I would ride our bikes in and pretend to be Spy Kids who karate fought monsters. Lol.
  • Eating my favorite Indonesian dessert, terang bulan (means moonlit)! It’s like a baked cake with chocolate, cheese, and crushed peanuts inside.
  • Going to Little Tokyo in DTLA where my aunt and uncle took us to 4 or 5 different dessert shops and seriously bought Noah something from each. Ice cream, Japanese desserts, macarons…homeboy must’ve been in heaven.
  • I had a killer headache one night, so my cousin and her boyfriend took Noah to a carnival then met up for dinner with everyone else. He came back with sugary breath and wet pants and shoes from running around in the shooting water. That was enough to know that he had all the fun he needed! And, I got to take a rare night off from mama duty. Win-win.
  • Pasadena and Old Town Pasadena. Other than Urth Caffe’s actually decent iced green tea boba, the best part was spending the afternoon there with my cousins and aunts. I had to make sure I didn’t laugh too hard or my choker would break off.
  • I already mentioned this, but Noah was the happiest I have ever seen him. And that was enough to make it a great trip.

I love my family so much and all I can say is thank you guys for simply being there and showering Noah with love and giving him joy. God used this trip as a window of His presence and care at a time when I often felt lonely and frustrated.

After this trip, I wasn’t as uptight as I was before we left for it. Thank goodness Noah is easygoing and deals with mama’s moods as well as his dad does 😉 Speaking of that man, he comes home this week-YES!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a kind week!

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home in LA

  1. Cristina wicker

    That little Noah is an outgoing child not introvert. A quality that will make him have lots of people to love him., very charming and can make funny faces. But don’t make him mad and everything will fly all over. Funny but what a child😄 this is the precious year that you can teach him how to pray before going to bed and for any blessing from God. This is the year you can always hug him and hold his hands. Time to tickle and time sing with him. Oh am going the memory lane when my son was two. I always can’t wait to go home and hear him the sweet words “mommy”. And the same with my cute daughter at two who reminded me so much like Noah. So funny that JD is like Vincenzo. God always make fun of me the way my kids and grandsons were. Though I know for sure Noah have a lot of characteristics from you Michiella😄. You are doing great but one thing we should not be afraid to accept that we need people, good God’s people to surround us. To be weak is to be strong and to be lonely is to be joyful; and these are all acceptable in the eyes of God. These are the things which will make us truly depended in Him to surround us with love ones to give us the fruit of the spirits. I am so thankful throughout the years that even if I don’t have family in United States, God provided me with great friends in any situation, to help me and comfort me like Angels sent by Him. Amazing people who never failed me, cried with me and laughed with me. Oh I am so blessed😍 Michiella, I pray to God that He will always show you miracles big or small and these you should be very sensitive about. You will then have peace and joy in every minute of your life. God is funny😄😃😀😳😁

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    1. Hey, Nai ☺️ Always so much wisdom from you that I need to hear and learn from. Noah is definitely extroverted…he quickly says “HI!” to our neighbors when we step out the door if he sees them. He’s so much fun at this age and I’m sure it brings you down memory lane! Thank you for reminding me that I can begin to pray with him more and practice it ☺️ Also, thank you for always reading my posts and commenting when you can ❤️


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