Quality Time 

Friday morning.

I wake up with Noah – excited that the weekend is here and felt inclined to get up and get going, until I paused for a moment and realized that before I even do anything, I should pray (I wish I could say that I always did this). 

Praying out loud so that Noah can wonder why mama was talking to herself again (jk), I asked God for His will to be done on this fine Friday and that I dedicate and give this day to Him. Honestly, I was doing this because I caught myself getting my hopes up for a great day and I wanted to guard my heart in case the day turned out to be mediocre (more dramatic in my head than it is IRL). Because we all have days that disappoint thanks to our expectations. 

Friday afternoon. 

I heard my front door knock and my bell ring, opening it to be utterly surprised by our friends, Nina and Ryan, holding flowers, cheesecake, and a tiny succulent with their phones recording my reaction for the glory of Snapchat. 
“Happy late Mother’s Day!” 

Homies drove cross-country from Jacksonville, FL to us. 

Well what a way to split the seas and make my wildest dreams come true, God.

What weekend plans to go to the mall, grocery shop, and visit the Navy Exchange? I threw them out the window and we started scheming up how to surprise Jarrod when he gets home from work (I used to joke that if Ryan and Jarrod were gay for each other, Jarrod needed to lmk. Back in Jacksonville, these two were pretty much inseparable). 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were warm, sunny, and felt like a daily adventure. A few of the things we did included hiking, having 8 different flavors of ice cream, have dinner at a Hawaiian-themed speakeasy, and venture to different parts of San Diego. It was even sweeter that Ryan has family here, his cousin and brother, who joined us (or maybe we joined them? Lol.) 

These days were loaded with a lot of quality time. Out of the 5 love languages, that is one of mine. They say that our love languages develop from childhood. Maybe your parents gave you a lot of praise and positive reinforcement and you thrived off of it-words of affirmation. Or maybe they often held your hand, hugged you lots, and held you when you were sad-touch. I often wonder what Noah’s will be, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his turns out to be quality time. Because we sure have a lot of that, especially this past weekend. 

Leaving me very thankful. We love ya, Ryan and Nina! 
All my love and appreciation for reading,
– – – – – – – – – – –

Time flies when you’re having fun 😉

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5 thoughts on “Quality Time 

  1. Cristina wicker

    One of the best thing in life that no money can buy? First the unconditional live of God in Christ Jesus. Then the unconditional love of earthly family and if you are truly blessed with good friends. Both of you and Jarrod are blessed to have them all. Therefore share these blessings to Noah first and foremost the one from our living Father in heave.


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