He’s Worth It

In light of the clothing trend of sheer tops and crop tops that barely cover breasts and girls who don’t mind showing a little skin for a little “like” on social media. Call me old-fashioned, hear the *mom alarm* go off, disagree with me, but these are my thoughts – for the girls and for our future daughters.


An open letter to the girls who don’t mind showing “too much skin”,

He’s worth you covering up. Your future or current husband, your significant other, he deserves that. He deserves your respect and though that can be portrayed in many ways other than how modestly you dress or not, you should save that glimpse of skin for his eyes only.

When you show too much cleavage, when your cheeks are seen hanging from your shorts, or when you unapologetically post a photo posing in your underwear, you’re not the only person you’re disrespecting because you’re also disrespecting him. You make it hard for your boyfriend to not lust over you and you make it especially hard for him to resist temptation, if you’re on that boat together. I’d rather be loved than lusted over. You don’t honor your husband when he’s not the only one who sees what you’re showing off, because his friends get to see it, too. Your body is a temple and it is sacred. Your [future] husband should be the only one with access to it.

I get that feminism is rising and it says “free the nipple!” But, I beg to differ. An innocent bikini-clad post is different from one revealing your underboob. You’re running around feeling empowered by what? The freedom of expression through the art of how you dress? The attention? The confidence you feel? Where does that confidence come from? Could it be from the taboo of showing off what should be kept private? I get that you could just be someone who is confident in her body and proud of how it looks. That’s seriously awesome. But what will over revealing it get you? As women, we are to empower one another. Not fuel the controversy of our sexualization and depreciation in society and the work force.

He’s worth your modesty because he waited for you. He pursued you with respect and he is faithful. You will know if he isn’t worth it. You’ll know if he doesn’t deserve you.

I’m not blaming you. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and think that you don’t know any better. Maybe you aren’t aware of your worth. Possibly you’re still discovering. Well, you are worth more than the temporary attention you receive from the crowd attracted to your body instead of your creative heart, mind, and soul. You are worth the wait and worth being faithful to. You are worthy of being recognized as a woman. You are worthy of respect and devotion.

Maybe you’ve heard this too many times and too many times, he didn’t treat you like what you’re worth. Well the right man will, and he’s worth covering your body up for. I’m not an extremist saying that you should only wear pants and turtlenecked long sleeves. Wear those shorts, as long as your cheeks are covered. Wear that dress, as long as you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your dad saw you in it. Don’t give yourself up for the wrong eyes or the fleeting attention. For the likes, comments, or retweets, don’t.

Honor your significant other; honor your husband. If he has proven to deserve someone as delicate and precious as you, then he deserves your modesty and public privacy. Then all the other men can be left with mystery and reverence for you, your husband, and your relationship.


With all my love,



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