A Few of our Favorite Things

Summer has been really sweet here in San Diego. It only seems to get as warm as 80 degrees and cools down in the evening. I hear about temperatures as high as 120 degrees in Arizona and I can’t begin to imagine what that’s like!
I’m thankful for Jarrod’s M-F work schedule because he always has the weekends off. It makes us appreciate and make the most of them as a family. Life just seems so simple and joyous right now, and I’m trying to absorb all of its goodness because I realize routines are temporary and change is always on its way. And on a lighter note, I want to enjoy this time before Noah is in middle school and his parents aren’t his first choice of people to spend the weekends with 😉

So I’m sharing a few of our Summer whereabouts and favorite activities –


  • Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream North Park location is only 4 miles away from us, so it takes a lot of self control to not pop in and order a flight of mini cones when we’re in the area! My favorite flavor is the Lychee Cream.
  • Bobboi Natural Gelato in La Jolla has the smoothest and most original flavors of gelato I’ve ever tasted. We had it for the first time just this Wednesday! Their Charcoal Vanilla is pretty unforgettable.
  • Iceskimo is Jarrod’s favorite in Kearny Mesa/Convoy, what we refer to as the “Asian hotspot” of SD because it’s a neighborhood notorious for their popular Asian restaurants. This creamy shaved ice spot has the best toppings; Noah is very enthusiastic about them. My favorite flavor is the Jasmine Trifecta.


  • San Diego Zoo and seeing all of it can take a whole day (I love checking how many steps I’ve made after). My in laws recently visited earlier this month for about a week and we made sure to take them there. My gracious MIL bought me an annual zoo membership so that Noah and I could go as much as we’d like! Active duty military already get free admission, so lately we’ve been visiting the zoo more often.
  • 6th Avenue Playground is our favorite nearest playground to bring Noah to. There are big trees that provide shade for us to take a snack break under.

And honestly, Balboa Park is gorgeous and photogenic (I’m a sucker for flowers and architecture).

> > Last Thursday, we visited the farmer’s market in North Park, grabbed our favorite rose vanilla iced coffees, and enjoyed a late afternoon at the children’s section of the zoo. It’s convenient because North Park is right outside of Balboa Park. Noah spent plenty of time at the zoo playground and petting the goats!


  • La Jolla Cove is seal and sea lion territory! The fishy smell is totally worth basking in for the experience, haha. Sometimes a male alpha sea lion will bark and seem as if he’s charging toward the crowd, indicating he wants more personal space. They also have a “children’s pool” that is a small, secluded portion of the beach at the bottom of the cliff – it just gets so crowded!
  • Coronado Beach on the island where I find myself drooling at the beautifully custom made homes lining the streets here. Tourist hotspot, still go a lot.
  • Point Loma Cabrillo National Monument. This spot isn’t a sandy beach, it’s more like heights and cliffs. It’s quiet and has incredible views of the city and coast. We carefully step down to the bottom where the shore meets the rocks. Noah really likes to throw them into the ocean here. Plus, military always get free admission here!

Contrary to these places, we visited the mall a whole lot last weekend to get our “mall fix” and take a break from all the “nature” we’ve spent our weekends in 😅 No shame in our game! Anyways, I love figuring out what to do each weekend. But what really makes it great is spending it together.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Summer! Whether if it’s taking Summer classes, traveling, or working often, I encourage us to have gratitude with whatever we have the advantage of doing.

Don’t forget to drink your H2O!

Love and doughnuts,



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