January Afternoon

Playgrounds, the feeling of the sun on our backs, and a happily active Noah – these are a few of our favorite things.

We had a completely free afternoon and it was only the second day of a new year. So we packed some sand toys, lunch, and our picnic/beach blanket to spend it at our favorite neighborhood playground – Old Trolley Barn Park. It’s just up the hill and around the corner from where we live; it’s my favorite one! Eating leftover ramen from the night before while getting to watch Noah make friends and have fun was pretty great.

He’s reached the stage of co-play and intentionally brings two toys to the playground so that he could play with one in hopes to share the other with a ~friend~. I reminisce about when I used to always spot him on the slide and push him on the swings. Now, he asks me to help him “find a friend” and then he’s off while I standby. He runs, laughs, copies, and the extrovert in him is fed. It makes us happy.

Lol, photos are deceiving because these were taken after he ran around for some time with another little boy about his age. Also, if you look close enough in the second picture, Noah is actually crying because that’s when I told him that it was time to go. But I promise he was smiling most of the time…giggling, sweating. More lol.

Oh! And the Jacksonville Jaguars (city Noah was born in, Jarrod’s hometown, the whereabouts of my adolescence, Maple Street, home of our homies, etc) have been winning so here’s him repping a Sunrise Surf Shop JAGS t-shirt! Hehe. (Thanks to Uncle Austin + Auntie Hannah for the shirt!).

I hope that your 2018 has been off to a positive start and that despite the rain we are getting here in SoCal, may your 2018 be sunny.

Thanks for catching up!



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