Strawberry Picking & an Answer

Spending my childhood in Southern CA was a dream. One of my fondest memories is visiting the strawberry farm with my parents and sister to pick some for ourselves to bring home. Living in SoCal again, I hope to relive some of these childhood memories with Noah. I want to give him the opportunity to …

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You & Me + a Book

Just a few of our favorite books that Noah and I have fun reading together! I cherish these books since each has a personal backstory or was a gift from someone we love. I cherish spending time with Noah by reading to him because it's both an intimate and productive activity. When Noah was still …

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Sayang (sah-yang). In bahasa Indonesia, it's a term of endearment. Calling someone "sayang" is equivalent to calling them "dear", "darling, or "beloved". It can also mean "too bad", "what a waste", or "pity" when further translated from Indonesian or Tagalog (the language of the Philippines). I remember my dad would call us sayang. Or when I …

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